Sunday, August 10, 2014

Asian Inspired Salad

One of my favorite new salad creations is this Asian Inspired Salad. It's so yummy! It tastes like a restaurant quality salad! My hubby loves it too! I added half an ounce of chopped cashews and 5-7 grams of toasted sesame seeds on top of 3 cups American Blend Lettuce (chose it for the firm crunchy lettuce and that it had radish/cabbage/carrot in it), half cup Spiralized Carrot, quarter cup Shredded Cabbage, 2oz. Ginger-Curry Spiced Chicken, and a serving of the Bolthouse Miso Ginger Dressing!  It's also really amazing with drops of Sriracha Sauce, I like about 20 drops, sprinkled throughout it too! It adds a nice spicy heat! Also about 5g of green onion adds a nice flair as well.

This makes one serving and I assemble the salad on large dinner plates and just multiply it by how many people as needed.

The flavors were exciting with the bold miso ginger taste and nuttiness from the toasted sesame and the cashews. The different textures played well together too varying from light and crunchy from the lettuce and nuts to the softer spiralized carrot with the silky dressing. (You can always use shredded carrot or julienned if you don't have a spiralizer.)  It was very filling and satisfying! Eating it reminded me of my favorite Thai salad at Panera Bread or like something we had for dinner at a Thai Restaurant.

It pairs well with a fruity Chardonnay too.  My favorite Chardonnay is Tobin James 2012 James Gang Reserve Chardonnay.  Another pairing that we really enjoyed was the Fancy Pants Sauvignon Blanc that we found at Target.  It was a very light crisp fruity wine!

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