Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bruleed Banana

I have been making Bruleed Banana for a snacks but also as a little dessert here and there too!  It is just so good!  I loved the crunchy caramelized top, which tastes a lot like the golden brown part on a roasted marshmallow, and the banana tasted so sweet a lot like a banana chip or a banana muffin.  I just love the crunch mixed with the creamy banana!  Sometimes I really think I enjoy a Bruleed Banana more than actual Creme Brulee!

Simply cut a banana in half and add a teaspoon of sugar to each half and torch it with a brulee torch till golden! (You can google search bruleed banana using the oven if you don't have a torch.) I don't torch it with the skin still on like some instructions recommend, in fact I find that if a bit of the edges get a tiny bit blackened that adds to the roasted marshmallow flavor!

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