Thursday, August 14, 2014

English Muffin Melt

The other day for lunch I got the idea to create a sandwich using our Artisan Bread In 5 Master Dough turned into English Muffins!  I really love how versitle the Master Dough is and that it's so EASY to make and just have on hand for any given moment you want to make something with it and how many different things you can make using the same dough!!!  One of which is these tasty English Muffins!!! 

I simply pull out 3oz. of dough, shape it into ball and then into a disk and let it rest for about 15-20 min covered with a bit of plastic wrap so it doesn't dry out.  Then you just heat up a skillet to about medium and I used a butter spray to save on calories but still get the flavor.  You put the disks into the pan and let it cook on that side for about 3 min or so, then you flip it and let it go another 3 min or so.  Sometimes it can be around 4 min per side, you don't want it to be doughy in the middle.  Anyway once they are done I like to let it cool for a bit to let the steam out and so the inside is nice and done.  I split them using 2 forks one stabbing it the other pulling away to separate it gently.

After I got the English Muffins done I grabbed a serving of deli style chicken meat, a slice of provolone cheese and a slice of tomato.  I split the cheese into quarters and put half on the bottom and half on the top to act as "glue" for the sandwich.  I popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds and then returned it to the pan for just a tad bit to keep the crust crispier and make sure the cheese is all melted.

It was so good! The flavors took me back to Italy!  The way the deli sliced meat was in it really reminded me of all the Paninis I've had as a kid when my family lived in Italy when my Dad was in the Army stationed there.

I would totally make this again in a heartbeat!  And there are so many different variations that could be created too!

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  1. Hi Melissa - this looks beautiful! Have you tried putting this sandwich into a panini press? Perhaps with some arugula? Anyway, great idea to use a master dough to make english muffins! Thanks