Monday, August 11, 2014

Lettuce Wraps and Cups

I've been making and enjoying different types of Lettuce Wraps and Cups for awhile now.  They are so good, a nice light crisp bite!  I never knew that using lettuce instead of tortillas or bread could be so amazingly delicious!  I was so skeptical of it for years, but now that I've tried it I really love it and even enjoy it more than the other way because of the light crispness you get with lettuce that is so fresh tasting!  The bonus is all the extra calories you save using lettuce instead but you don't miss out on any flavor!

They are simply Leaves of Lettuce (pretty much any variety you want), Sliced Tomato, Deli Style Chicken or other meat, a slice of cheese like provolone or any other kind you love, and then either a tablespoon of dressing or a serving of cream cheese especially a flavored cream cheese like spicy jalapeno.  The variations and options are endless!

For Wraps I lay some plastic wrap on a plate, lay out some romaine pieces (this works well with those small inner leaves that you can't really use for taco style lettuce cups) add the ingredients and roll it up all tight and twist the ends and peal back the plastic and enjoy!

You can also make them in Lettuce Cup form which skips the plastic and makes them more like a taco style by just adding the ingredients to the center of a nice big leaf.  There's also been times that I've used two pieces of lettuce on the top and bottom to make it like a sandwich as well.  Basically whatever works and is easier with the type and size of lettuce you have!

They make great picnic food!

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