Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lettuce Cup Tacos

We made Lettuce Cup Tacos the other day and I got some good photos! They are simply leaves of Romaine, Taco Seasoned Lean Ground Beef, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, and Sliced Tomato! Really you could do any variation of Taco that you love! So yummy! The lettuce instead of the tortilla is just so light and crisp and we really love it and don't miss the tortilla at all. In fact if I would have known how much I'd love it this way I would have done it a long time ago!!!

I'm not a big fan of low carb, however I am a fan of If-You-Don't-Miss-It-Skip-It!  LOL  The nice thing about swapping the tortilla for lettuce is it reduces the calories and gives you room for other things like extra cheese!  Most of the time you don't really taste the tortilla anyway and it's simply a vehicle for the stuffing, and so using the lettuce instead is a perfect alternative!  You just get all the wonderful flavors you love about a taco!

I liked the idea of keeping all the components separate and build each one as you eat it. I think it was easier than building them all at once.

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